How it works

Do you have a passion for old cars?

Do you have a favorite old car that you have always wanted?

Did your dad have one that you really liked but he sold before you grew up?

Do you have a son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter you want to share you passion of old cars with?

Well here’s how you can get one like you want and have dreamed of getting but just can not afford the old traditional old school car. Well now you can have it but in a mini size version, pick your design or make it yours by putting you special touches and. So for a small price and deposit you can order your favorite Classic car and keep the dream alive of old school cars through the eyes of all generations. You can order the Special Addition 1970 Dodge Charger Fast and Furious Car or Create your own but it will be a little while longer and must be with in reason because we have to create a mold and be able to sell others like it.